Sunday, March 30, 2008

GirlMonsters Picnic print

The GirlMonsters Picnic image is available in an assortment of sizes from postcard to poster at Go to this link to get yours.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GirlMonsters blogs

The GirlMonsters have returned from their hidey hole behind your sugar bowl, and they have great news! Each of the GirlMonsters has started her own blog. They chose to blog about some of their favorite things.
  • Abby Cadaver’s Reveue de Jitters where she will review her favorite movies, music, books, and websites. Now and then, maybe she’ll share a recipe.
  • LilyBat’s Bogey News will be a place where she will inform us of when the bogeys and monsters make the news. There is also a Google news tracker at the bottom of her page with monster keywords that will surely find the spookiest and creepiest news.
  • Betty Bones’ Tattle & Chatter is where Betty will do what she does best. Gossip.
  • DeMonica’s Mood & Mode will be all about her mood on style and fashion. She doesn't hold back, so prepare for some devilish comments.
We look forward to hearing your comments. Tell the GirlMonsters what you think. And tell your friends!